2004 CAFR


City and County of San Francisco, California
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
For the Year Ended June 30, 2004

cafr 04 tilted

• Table of Contents
• Controller's Transmittal Letter (1.8MB)
• Certificate of Achievement
• Organization Chart
• List of Principal Officials
• Financial Section (18.2MB)
      Independent Auditor's Report
      Management Discussion and Analysis (1.8MB)
      Basic Financial Statements (11.3MB)
          Government-wide Financial Statements
          Fund Financial Statements (11MB)
      Required Supplementary Information
      Financial Statements & Supplemental Info (4MB)
          Nonmajor Governmental Funds (2.6MB)
          Internal Service Funds
          Fiduciary Funds
      Capital Assets Used in Gov Funds Operations
• Statistical Section (2MB)
• Entire 2004 Report (23.1 MB)

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