COVID-19 Recovery

Recovery occurs following an incident, when disaster-induced damage and losses require restoration of services and rebuilding.

COVID-19 Resources

This page provides the Controller's Office's guidance, instructions, and other resources related to the City's response to COVID-19.

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Monetary and In-Kind Donations for COVID-19 Efforts and the City's Give2SF Response and Recovery Fund

Donated resources are eligible to offset the non-Federal share of eligible Emergency Protective Measures costs if certain criteria are met. Visit FEMA Donated Resources for more guidance on donated resources.

See Cost Recovery guidance below for tracking and reporting donations not directed to Give2SF or managed through the Emergency Operations Center):

For information related to donations directed to the City's Give2SF Response and Recovery Fund, please refer to the Give2SF website.

Disaster Financial Impacts

Disasters are costly. Being financially prepared will help your agency recover. Please visit SFPrepared for disaster or emergency preparedness resources.

Federal & State Disaster Assistance


FEMA COVID-19 Factsheets

  FEMA-eligible work for the COVID-19 pandemic (revised by FEMA and effective as of 9/15/2020) is defined below.​
  FEMA may provide assistance only for the following emergency protective measures in response to COVID-19 declared events:
1 Medical care, in accordance with COVID-19 specific policy or subsequent updates.
2 Purchase and distribution of food, in accordance with COVID-19 specific policy or subsequent updates.
3 Non-congregate medical sheltering, in accordance with COVID-19 specific policy or subsequent updates.
4 Operation of Emergency Operations Centers to direct and coordinate resources and response activities for COVID-19 declarations.
5 Communications to disseminate public information regarding health and safety measures and provide warnings about risks and hazards.
6 Mass casualty management, including storage of human remains and mass mortuary services, as necessary to manage fatalities caused by COVID-19.
7 Purchase and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is directly related to the performance of otherwise eligible emergency work or is provided to healthcare workers, patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection, and first responders.
  ·       Funding for stockpiling a supply of eligible PPE is limited to a supply that is projected for up to 60 days from date of purchase.
  ·       Funding for storing eligible PPE is limited to what is necessary to store projected 60-day PPE supply.
  IMPORTANT: The activities below are only eligible for FEMA reimbursement when necessary to perform otherwise eligible emergency work listed above:
a Purchase and distribution of face masks, including cloth facial coverings, provided to persons conducting eligible emergency work and/or in facilities where eligible emergency work is performed.
b Temperature scanning, including purchase and distribution of hand-held temperature measuring devices and associated supplies, in facilities where eligible emergency work is performed.
c Disinfection, in accordance with CDC guidance, in facilities where eligible emergency work is performed, including purchase and provision of necessary supplies and equipment, and in excess of current operating costs.
d Acquisition and installation of temporary physical barriers, such as plexiglass barriers, in facilities where eligible emergency work is conducted.
e Law enforcement and security.
f Training and technical assistance specific to the declared event.
g Reimbursement for force account overtime costs, costs related to hiring temporary employees, and contract labor costs associated with performance of eligible emergency protective measures.
h Movement of equipment and supplies, including transportation and storage.
i Other work and costs delineated within COVID-19 policies referenced (in the six eligible emergency protective measures listed in the first half of this table)

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions