Policy for Payment to Nonprofit Suppliers in Event of COVID-19 Disruptions

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San Francisco, CA (April 4, 2020) — The Controller’s Office is updating its policy guidance to City departments and nonprofit service providers regarding continuity of payment in light of disruptions related to COVID-19. This guidance issued on April 4, 2020 supersedes prior guidance on this topic. This policy may be updated periodically as the response to COVID-19 changes.


Nonprofit suppliers deliver essential services to San Francisco residents on behalf of and funded by the City and County of San Francisco. The public health emergency related to COVID-19 creates a variety of disruptions to provider operations.  It is still the City’s intent to support the sustainability of nonprofit suppliers by continuing to provide full or partial payment in the event of programmatic closures that are in accordance with official public health recommendations. The new policy also clarifies expectations for the continued operation of essential services and the potential re-designation of essential services. Finally, the policy encourages flexibility in budgeting to allow nonprofits to adjust current contract budgets to address changing needs.


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