Mission/Vision/Core Values

Mission Statement - What we do
We ensure the City's financial integrity and promote efficient, effective and accountable government.

Vision Statement - What we seek to be
We strive to be a model for good government and to make the City a better place.

Core Values - Guiding principles for achieving our mission and vision
  • Teamwork: We support a cooperative work environment. Our team is strengthened by the diversity and contributions of its members.
  • Trust: We act with honesty, integrity and fairness.
  • Respect: We understand and appreciate the inherent value of one another.
  • Equal Opportunity: We provide opportunities to all staff to contribute and achieve their potential.
  • Communication: We communicate honestly and openly.
  • Excellence: We strive for personal and professional excellence. We recognize and reward exemplary performance.
  • Service: We focus on our customers' needs. We recognize that to improve service, we must be a learning organization that seeks continuous improvement.

Statement of Incompatible Activities Memo (PDF)