Whistleblower Program Report Released For End of Fiscal Year 2020–21

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San Francisco, CA (August 26, 2020) — The Controller's Office has released its Whistleblower Program report for the end of fiscal year 202021.

Administered by a team in the Controller’s Office, the City’s Whistleblower Program investigates complaints about the quality and delivery of city government services, wasteful and inefficient practices, misuse of government funds, and improper activities by city employees. In 2020 our office and the City Attorney’s Office also opened a Public Integrity Tip Line to gather information specific to the investigation of former Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru. These programs are critical to helping combat waste, corruption, fraud, and abuse. And importantly, they have real and consequential roles as entry points for citizen complaints to bring offenders to justice and recoup ill-gotten gains.

This Whistleblower report covers July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021. In that time, a wide range of allegations were investigated. Examples include:

  • An individual not following COVID-19 safety protocols in the workplace.
  • A city employee not disclosing their secondary employment in a timely manner.
  • Senior managers neglecting their duties by inappropriately working remotely and often being off their job site.
  • A manager using city resources to conduct personal activities and a subordinate knowingly supporting the manager with these activities.

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Outreach and Education

We encourage city staff, contractors working on behalf of taxpayers, and all San Franciscans to learn more about the Whistleblower Program and increase or refresh their knowledge about red flags that may indicate unethical conduct, along with the secure ways they can report misconduct.


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About the Office of the Controller

The Controller's Office works to ensure the City's financial integrity and to promote efficient, effective, and accountable government. We strive to be a model for good government and to make the City a better place to live and work. The Controller's Office is responsible for governance and conduct of key aspects of the City's financial operations, including operating the City's financial systems and issuing its financial procedures, maintaining the City's internal control environment, processing payroll for city employees, managing the City's bonds and debt portfolio, and processing and monitoring the City's budget. The department audits and produces regular reports on the City's financial and economic condition and the operations and performance of city government. 


About the Whistleblower Program

The Whistleblower Program responds to specific allegations of administrative wrongdoing by city employees and those who do business with the City. For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.