Whistleblower Program

Whistleblower Program

San Francisco Charter Appendix F1.107 directs the Office of the Controller to administer a whistleblower program and investigate complaints concerning the following:
  • Deficiencies in the quality and delivery of city government services.
  • Wasteful and inefficient city government practices.
  • Misuse of city government funds.
  • Improper activities by city government officers and employees.

The Whistleblower Program responds to specific allegations of administrative wrongdoing by city employees and those who do business with the city. The Whistleblower Program does not investigate general complaints or suggestions. Please review the definitions and examples of key terms used in San Francisco Charter Appendix F1.107 to determine if the Whistleblower Program is the appropriate venue for your complaint. Prior to filing a complaint, please review the Whistleblower Program's Frequently Asked Questions. To file a complaint, please use the web form.

Upon receiving a complaint, the Whistleblower Program may conduct an investigation into the facts alleged in the complaint to determine whether an improper governmental activity has occurred. Allegations that, even if true, appear immaterial or insignificant from a monetary or operational standpoint, may be referred to the city department involved in the allegation for investigation and response.

Any investigation resulting from a complaint is confidential, so Whistleblower Program staff cannot provide any updates about what is being done to investigate the complaint or what information has been uncovered. Neither complaints nor investigative work products will be released.

All city officers and employees are protected from retaliation for filing a complaint with, or providing information to, the Whistleblower Program about improper governmental activities. You are strongly advised to withhold identifying information if you fear retaliation for filing a complaint.