SFPD Foot Patrol Program Evaluation

San Francisco Police Department Foot Patrol Program Evaluation


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The Controller's Office, City Services Auditor presents a report on the evaluation of the San Francisco Police Department's (SFPD) foot patrol program. The evaluation is in accordance with Administrative Code Section 10, which required the SFPD to implement a one-year foot patrol pilot program beginning in 2007. The requirements of the pilot program include mandated staffing hours for foot beats in every police district, specified patrol locations in two of the districts, and other administrative and programmatic requirements. The evaluation was performed by Public Safety Strategies Group (PSSG) under contract with the Controller's Office. PSSG employed a quantitative and qualitative approach to completing the evaluation by analyzing millions of City records including calls for service, crime incidents and staffing hours for the evaluation period of January through June 2007. The evaluation shows that the SFPD reached a high compliance rate for the staffing requirements; however, many of the administrative and programmatic components of the legislation were not met. Based on best practices, industry knowledge, and survey and focus group input, the report provides recommendations on potential strategies the City and the SFPD can use for future implementation of foot patrols. The recommendations are in six major areas: (1) Planning, (2) Strategy Development, (3) Documentation, (4) Technology, (5) Training, and (6) Community Organizing.