San Francisco Performance Program


In 2000, the Controller's Office began working with all City departments to collect performance data. In November 2003, San Francisco voters passed Proposition C and mandated the Controller's Office to monitor the level and effectiveness of services provided by the City and County of San Francisco.

The Citywide Performance Measurement Program is housed in the City Performance Unit of the Controller's Office's City Services Auditor Division. The goal of the Citywide Performance Measurement Program is to work with departments to create reliable and easy-to-use performance data. Performance data is important because it helps the City and its residents make efficient, effective, and thoughtful operational and resource decisions.

  • Work with all city departments to develop meaningful performance measures
  • Track performance data using a centralized database, and publish reports to demonstrate department and city-wide performance
  • Make performance information accessible to the public
  • Promote the use of accurate and timely information to inform decision-making and day-to-day management with departments


Government Barometer
The quarterly Government Barometer reports key performance and activity measures in order to increase transparency, create dialogue, and build the public’s confidence regarding the City’s management of public business. Measures are listed according to major service area, such as public safety, health and human services, and public transit. The quarterly summary and interactive graphics are available at

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Annual Performance Report
The Citywide Performance Measurement Program Annual Report provides annual performance data for all 48 City departments. Citywide performance data includes over 1,000 performance measures that report on the effectiveness and efficiency of departments' major goals and activities.

The City and County of San Francisco Charter requires the City Services Auditor (CSA) to monitor the level and effectiveness of City services. Specifically, CSA shall review performance and cost benchmarks, and conduct comparisons of the cost and performance of San Francisco City government with other cities, counties, and public agencies performing similar functions.
Street, Sidewalk, and Park Maintenance Standards

Since July 2004, the Controller's Office City Service Auditor Division has work with the Recreation and Parks Department and the Department of Public Works to develop maintenance standards and inspect for compliance.

DataSF seeks to enable the use of the City's data. Its core product, SF OpenData, serves as the central clearinghouse for all data published by the City and County of San Francisco.


PM System The PM System is the data-entry tool used by the PM Team and Departments to enter performance data. For security purposes, access is limited to select department personnel.

Guide to Good Measures
The "Guide to Good Measures" explains in detail what constitutes good performance measures, provides tools for developing good measures, and discusses the importance and value of having good performance measures.


The PM Team is led by Project Manager Natasha Mihal, and supported by Performance Analysts Celeste Berg, Ashley Groffenberger and Suzanne Simburg.

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