Refuse Working Group

The Refuse Working Group will:

  • Review models for provision of refuse services
  • Reach a shared understanding of where changes would be most impactful
  • Summarize findings to inform any needed changes to existing process

The Working Group will meet between May and November 2021 and will be comprised of invited members of stakeholder representatives from residential property owners and tenants, commercial property owners, small business, and labor.

The following agencies/departments will provide support to the Working Group:

  • Department of Public Works
  • Department of the Environment
  • Controller’s Office
  • City Attorney’s Office
  • City Administrator

The Refuse Working Group is a passive meeting body. Members of the public are welcome to observe and meeting agendas and materials will be posted as they become available.  To request meeting notifications, please contact


Upcoming Meetings

Meeting #2 will be held in September 2021. Date forthcoming. 

Past Meetings 
Agenda Meeting Documents