Proposition C Compliance: Street, Sidewalk, and Park Maintenance Standards

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San Francisco Charter Section F.102 (Proposition C, passed by the voters in November 2003) requires that:

  • The City establish performance standards for street, sidewalk, and park maintenance;
  • The City departments engaged in street, sidewalk, and park maintenance publish their maintenance schedules on the web; and
  • The Controller's Office conduct an annual performance audit of the City's street, sidewalk and park maintenance and cleaning operations.

Since July 2004, the Controller's Office's City Services Auditor (CSA) Division has worked with the Recreation and Parks Department (REC) and Department of Public Works (DPW) to develop maintenance standards and schedules and inspect for compliance.

Maintenance Standards Program Annual Reports
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CSA has assisted REC and DPW in developing schedules for street and park maintenance functions. The information is available at the individual park and street level.

Public Presentations
As the schedules and standards were being developed, CSA presented its findings to the Mayor in SFStat meetings as well as to public organizations such as the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Advisory Committee (PROSAC). DPW has two SFStat presentations related to the program. Please click on the April 25th presentation to see how the standards were developed and the November 7th presentation to see evaluation results.


Recreation and Park Public Works
SFSTAT Presentation #1 - April 25, 2005 (PDF)
SFSTAT Presentation #2 - November 7, 2005 (PDF)




CSA thanks you for your interest and participation. If you need further information, please email contact the Controller's City Services Auditor Division at 415-554-7463 or

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