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The City Services Auditor Division (CSA) of the San Francisco Controller's Office launched the Citywide Nonprofit Monitoring and Capacity Building Program in 2005 in part as a response to the 2003 report of the Nonprofit Contracting Task Force, which included recommendations for improving how the City does business in this sector. In accordance with Appendix F of the San Francisco City Charter, the Controller's Office is mandated to provide oversight to City contracting procedures and to review citywide standards. The Program fulfills this responsibility, and also aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of contracting procedures, a high priority for participating City departments.

The CSA piloted the Program with the Department of Children, Youth and Families, the Department of Public Health, and the Human Services Agency. It has since expanded to include a total of 8 City departments.

Program Governance
The Program is governed by a Steering Committee comprising representatives from the Controller's Office and each participating City department. The Steering Committee is ultimately responsible for program coordination and policies, including determining whether a nonprofit receives a site visit or self-assessment. The Controller's Office is responsible for facilitation of the Program.

Annual Reports
Each year, CSA produces a report on behalf of the Program to document statistics about Monitoring findings and highlight special projects and technical assistance provided. 

FY13-14 Annual Report (pdf)


Where to Direct Questions
If you have questions or feedback the Program or your annual fiscal and compliance monitoring, you should contact your designated Lead Department Representative or a Steering Committee representative.

Nonprofit contractors who feel that they have been subject to procedural lapses may - after exhausting their administrative options with the contracting departments - appeal to the Nonprofit Task Force Appellate/Review Panel by contacting the City's Office of Contract Administration. Your contracting department(s) can inform you of the grievance procedures and the option of taking procedural complaints to this body.

Nonprofit Contractor Surveys
During the year, the Controller's Office regularly meets with the San Francisco Human Services Network (HSN) to receive feedback and provide updates about the Program. At the end of each fiscal year (June), the Controller's Office conducts an online survey in which participating nonprofit contractors have a formal opportunity to provide detailed feedback on their experience and suggestions for improvement of the Program. The results of this survey are used to inform the evolution of the Program. To date, the Program has received positive and constructive feedback from participating nonprofits. 

07-08 through FY 12-13 (pdf)
FY 06-07 (external link) 
FY 05-06 Through FY 10-11 (pdf)

Please contact the Controller's Office by email at, if you have questions about this survey or would like to see the open ended comments submitted as part of these surveys, or have other feedback on the Program you would like to share.