Preliminary Assessment of San Francisco City Commissions’ and Boards’ Ethical Standards for Awarding Contracts as Part of Public Integrity Review

San Francisco, CA (January 11, 2021) —  The Controller's Office today released a preliminary assessment report on city commissions’ and boards’ ethical standards for awarding contracts, with a focus on the Airport Commission and Revenue and Development Management unit at San Francisco International Airport. This assessment was done because the allegations in the federal criminal complaint against former Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru identify former Airport Commissioner Linda Crayton as the target of an alleged bribery scheme by Mr. Nuru. Unlike with our other published public integrity assessments, to date our office has found no substantial structural problems with the procurement policies and procedures we examined.


Download the full report here.

View the press release: PDF icon Office of the Controller Press Release_Public integrity report on ethical standards of city commissions and boards for awarding contracts.pdf

Public Integrity Infographic


What happens next?

Our Public Integrity Review of inadequate policies and procedures that were exposed by the Mohammed Nuru investigation will continue, with future assessments on topics including:

  • Citywide Ethics Reporting
  • The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Contracting Process
  • The Department of Building Inspection’s permitting and inspection process

As the investigation progresses in the coming months, we will release each assessment report and may add additional topics.



Investigators from the Controller’s Office consider every allegation of wrongdoing raised by city employees and members of the public. To report suspected public integrity abuses related specifically to the Mohammed Nuru investigation, please contact the Public Integrity Tip Line. You can provide information by:

All tips may be submitted anonymously and will remain confidential. Reports to this tip line, as well as tips to the Controller’s whistleblower hotline, are critical to the City’s ability to fight abuses and lapses of public integrity by city employees and contractors. As provided for by the San Francisco Charter, the Controller’s Whistleblower Program ensures that complaints are investigated by departments with the appropriate jurisdiction and independence from the alleged wrongdoing.   

Information on city payments, searchable by department and vendor, are available on the Controller’s public transparency website at As always, anyone may file any allegation of improper or illegal public activity with the City’s Whistleblower Program at That program, administered by the Controller’s Office, often partners with the City Attorney’s Office on investigations.


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