Park Maintenance Scores

Park Maintenance Score

Program Overview
Every three months, staff from the Controller's Office and the Recreation and Parks Department (REC) evaluate the condition of San Francisco's parks. The results of the evaluations help the Recreation and Parks Department improve park conditions and allocate its resources in an efficient and equitable way.

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Program Background
San Francisco Charter Section F.102 (Proposition C, passed by the voters in Nov. 2003) requires that:

  • The City establish performance standards for street, sidewalk, and park maintenance;
  • The City departments engaged in street, sidewalk, and park maintenance publish their maintenance schedules on the web; and
  • The Controller's Office conduct an annual performance audit of the City's street, sidewalk and park maintenance and cleaning operations.

Since July 2004, the Controller's Office's City Services Auditor (CSA) Division has worked with REC to develop maintenance standards and schedules and inspect for compliance. Read all park standards here.

Evaluation Results Data
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