Printable Outreach Materials

Whistleblower Program  

San Francisco Charter Appendix F, Section 1.107(c), requires that the Controller publicize the Whistleblower Program through press releases, public advertising, and communications to city employees. This Web page is part of a broad effort to promote and publicize the Whistleblower Program to city employees and members of the public.

Whistleblower Program Speaker Requests

Our office can provide training designed to educate employees, contractors, subcontractors, and other parties doing business with the City and/or receiving city funds on the role of the Whistleblower Program, fraud "red flags," and complainant protections.

E-mail to request a speaker.


Downloadable Whistleblower Program Posters and Infographics

We encourage city officers and employees to display Whistleblower Program posters to assist with each department's fraud prevention efforts.

Click on the links below to download printable Whistleblower Program posters and infographics.


Whistleblower Program Poster

Whistleblower Program Poster icon


Red Flags of Unlawful and Unethical Activities (Click on images to view and download)        


bid rigging graphic      grant misuse graphic     hidden interests graphic      Mischaracterized Expenses graphic     Split Purchasing graphic      Supply Chain Fraud       Cash Skimming Infographic