OCOH Liaison Activities

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The OCOH Committee has appointed members as “Community Liaisons” to fulfil certain tasks at the discretion of the chair. The following Community Liaison roles have been appointed as of February 16, 2021:

Immediate Needs Liaison: Jennifer Friedenbach
Community Impact and Communication Liaison: Shaun Haines
Community Impact and Accountability Liaison: Julia D’Antonio
Systems Modeling/ Strategic Investment Plan Liaison: Cynthia Nagendra
Diversion/Prevention Liaison: Julie Leadbetter
Housing Inventory & Pipeline Liaison: Ken Reggio
Behavioral Health Liaison: Brett Andrews

Community Liaisons may host meetings outside of the regular meeting structure which are not required to be noticed publicly or be open to the public. Though members are not required to share information about their activities in advance or invite the general public to their gatherings, this page will be used to document information about these activities when it is shared by members. Information is organized by Topic and Date.