Lewin Group Market Assessment and Benchmarking Project for DPH

Using quantitative and qualitative data, the market analysis summarizes the current healthcare environment in the City, makes projections of demand for healthcare services, and examines the Department of Public Health's role in providing direct healthcare to San Franciscans. The benchmarking analysis compares San Francisco General Hospital with comparable Bay Area, California and national public healthcare delivery systems using industry measures of efficiency and effectiveness.

The Lewin Group concludes that the San Francisco Department of Public Health is among the nation's leading public health departments and is the City's primary provider of healthcare services to the poor and uninsured. Despite factors that tend to decrease efficiency, such as a high daily census and an aging physical plant, General Hospital has high productivity, is financially effective, and achieves good clinical outcomes. The report highlights key challenges for the Department of Public Health and other healthcare providers in the City in the coming decades. These include an aging population and changing racial and ethnic profiles, as well as a need for increased hospital inpatient capacity along with community-based service provision.

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