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The Controller is the City's chief financial officer. Our team includes financial, technology, analytical and other professionals who work hard to secure the City's financial integrity and promote efficient, effective, and accountable government. We hold ourselves to high standards and strive to be a model for good government. We value the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and lived experiences of our teams and clients in everything we do. We work in a collaborative and inclusive environment, promote equal opportunity, and invest in the professional development and wellbeing of our team members. You can expect to work alongside colleagues who are committed to serving the public with integrity and want to see positive impacts from their work. We are looking for smart, motivated individuals who want to make a difference and use government to play a role in solving our City's problems, including addressing long-standing and harmful disparities in our communities. For a career with purpose and professional growth, join us in the Controller's Office!


The Office of the Controller regularly recruits highly qualified candidates. We have job opportunities in a wide range of industries from finance to information technology. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in public service, we encourage you to explore our current job openings by visiting the Department of Human Resource’s Employment Opportunities page here:  Controller’s Office Job Opportunities


Permanent Appointments

Everyone appointed to a permanent civil service position must take part in a Civil Service Examination process. This could be in the form of an examination or a register process. If you are successful, your name is placed on an eligible list in rank order based on the score you achieved in the process. In some cases, this eligible list could be used to fill vacant positions in other city departments as well in the Controller's Office. The list has an expiration date. The expiration dates of the lists can vary for a number of reasons.

The Controller's Office serves as a decentralized examination unit for the City and County of San Francisco providing Civil Service examinations and "eligible lists" for the Accounting, Auditing and some high level Payroll classifications.


Provisional Appointments

If there is no current active eligible list available for a classification, or no plans for a civil service examination in the near future, you may be able to apply for open positions that are considered to be provisional appointments. This means that sometime after your provisional appointment, you will be required to take part in a civil service examination process in order to give you an opportunity to attain permanent status in that classification.


Exempt Appointments

Occasionally, under certain circumstances, positions are created that are exempt from the competitive Civil Service Process and serve at pleasure of the appointing officer.


1649 Accountant Intern Program

Please view the information page,for more information or to register for future examination announcements: click here

Tentative Eligibility Lists

The following Tentative Eligible Lists are being posted in accordance with Civil Service Rules 112, 212, 312 and 412. The names of candidates passing all phases of an examination are placed on the eligible list in the order of total scores; candidates who have tied scores are listed in alphabetical order.

The tentative eligible list is posted for public inspection for a period of time, as determined by the Civil Service Rules. During the period of public posting, members of the public–including the candidates who participated in the examination–may submit a protest. Protests must be filed in the Office of the Department of Human Resources during the inspection period. For additional information on matters that may be protested, please refer to the applicable Civil Service Rule cited above.

The Human Resources Director will review and resolve all timely protests filed during this posting period. The decision of the Human Resources Director is final.
Tentative Eligible Lists are also posted in the Employment Center Lobby located at One South Van Ness, 4th Floor.

1657 Accountant IV Eligible List TL CCT February 2014
1654 Accountant III Eligible List TL CCT 9000111