Investigative Process

Whistleblower Program 
Step Description

Complaint Intake


Whistleblower Program staff carefully reviews each complaint received. If the complainant provided contact information, an investigator may follow-up with the complainant to review the allegations and ask additional questions.

The Whistleblower Program keeps the identity of complainants confidential unless required by law to disclose this information or unless it receives the written consent of the complainant.
Complaint Tracking


Each complaint received is assigned a unique tracking number. Complainants that provide contact information are provided with the complaint tracking number.
The Investigation


Whistleblower Program staff lead certain investigations but coordinate the majority of investigations with management of the department associated with the complaint.

Allegations that, even if true, appear immaterial or insignificant from a monetary or operational standpoint may be referred to the city department involved in the allegation for investigation and response. In these circumstances, department management leads the investigation, and, where appropriate, the Whistleblower Program helps guide the investigation. This coordinated approach uses the expertise of all involved departments and leverages resources to ensure that allegations are resolved in a timely manner.
Complaint Disposition


Management of the department associated with the complaint must report to the Whistleblower Program on any action(s) taken in response to the complaint. Program staff then reviews the departmental actions and investigative findings and determines the adequacy of the information provided and whether additional action is required before closing the complaint.


Under current law, Whistleblower Program investigations are confidential.

The Whistleblower Program cannot report details to complainants on any action taken in response to a complaint, including any corrective or preventive action taken by departmental management. However, complainants can access general information concerning the status of an investigation on the Whistleblower Program's website.