II. Recently Completed Projects

Community-based Long-term Care Fiscal Analysis (2010) 
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This report provides a summary of home and community-based long-term care spending that is administered by the City and County of San Francisco. Financial data from fiscal year 2007-08 to 2009-10 is analyzed by funding source, service area, program, and City department. This project is helping to support additional planning, analyses and implementation strategies of the City's community-based long-term care network.

Update of the Lifetime Clinical Record of San Francisco Community Clinics Consortium (2010)
This project updated electronic patient records in order to ensure coordinated care for patients receiving services at different facilities. The update took place in six San Francisco Community Clinics Consortium that participate in Healthy San Francisco with the Department of Public Health. The Controller's Office City Service Auditor helped establish a successful update process and facilitated the update of about half of the records before the process was handed off to the Health Department and the Clinic Consortium.

Department of Public Health Community Programs Stakeholder Engagement Process (2009) 
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This project built consensus for ideas to help the Health Department Community Programs Division to make system of care improvements, revenue enhancements, and cost reductions. A broad range of representatives from civil service, labor, nonprofits, and City leadership generated recommendations on primary care/ behavioral health integration, care coordination, managing residential treatment beds, health equity, women and youth, and nonprofit organizations.

Chargemaster Review (2009)
This project reviewed charge codes used at San Francisco General Hospital. The review found that the hospital's use of codes was accurate and consistent with industry standards, but that updates to coding could generate significant revenue. As a result of this analysis and update, the Hospital now generates an additional two million dollars in revenue annually.

Public Health Performance and Efficiency Report (2008) 
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This report analyzes the San Francisco Department of Public Health's provision of services, efficiency of operations, and patients and payer mix. It draws on multiple analyses planned and coordinated by the Controller's Office from 2005-2008. The strong performance of San Francisco General Hospital and the Department of Public Health's role as the City's healthcare safety net provider is featured, along with recommendations from the Controller's Office.

Revenue Management (2008) 
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This revenue maximization analysis reviews the Department of Public Health's revenue cycle at San Francisco General Hospital, Laguna Honda Hospital, Community Health Centers, and Behavioral Health Services. The report concludes that revenue cycle processes and procedures are among the most complete and effective as compared with other large public health systems in the nation. By implementing the report's recommendations, the Department is saving $1.3 million in annual costs and realized a one-time gain of $11 million.

Healthy San Francisco Implementation Support (2008)
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The Lewin Group provided expert analysis, modeling and recommendations to assist with the Department of Public Health's planning and launch of Healthy San Francisco. This presentation projects demand for health services, analyzes the Department's capacity to take new patients and meet the service demands, models the impact of changes in fees for the safety-net population, and analyzes a 'one-stop' web-based eligibility and enrollment system.

Market Assessment and Benchmarking (2007)
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The market analysis summarizes the current healthcare environment in the City, makes projections of demand for healthcare services, and examines the Department of Public Health's role in providing direct healthcare to San Franciscans. The benchmarking analysis compares San Francisco General Hospital with comparable Bay Area, California and national public healthcare delivery systems using industry measures of efficiency and effectiveness.

Community Clinic Revenue Maximization (2006)
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This report reviews revenue cycle efficiency in Department of Public Health clinics and identifies two million dollars of revenue opportunity. Following the release of the report, the Department enhanced patient finance services and registration processes and is now exceeding the national standard in the accounts receivable area. In addition, clinic patients are now allowed to see a physician on a walk-in basis, reducing unfilled patient slots and increasing physician productivity.

Continuum of Acute and Long Term Healthcare (2005)
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This report focuses on the effectiveness of the Department of Public Health in providing a continuum of acute and long term healthcare services. It finds that the City needs to substantially improve the integration of its hospitals and community-based services. San Francisco can better meet the needs of its citizens and gain significant financial benefits by providing a mix of long term, skilled nursing, in-home and community-based services.