Health and Human Services Analysis and Technical Assistance

The Controller's Office City Performance Unit provides health and human services evaluation, analysis, and technical assistance under the Controller's Office mandate to provide reporting and improvements in government performance.

Working in close partnership with Health; Human Services; Children, Youth, and Family; and other City departments, our projects improve the quality and efficiency of City health and human services, programs, and facilities. We help ensure data are used to inform design and delivery and that City and taxpayer resources are used efficiently. We provide technical assistance in support of departmental projects to implement organizational changes such as operational and staffing reconfigurations and deployment of new technical systems. Analytical work is performed by City staff in many areas, and outside experts are retained as needed.

Our health and human services strategic objectives are to increase revenue and cost savings, increase access to primary and community-based care, maintain hospital area capacity, increase provider coordination through information technology, improve nonprofit accountability and capacity, and improve nonprofit service outcomes. Below is a list of current and recently completed projects, as well as links to public reports.

For more information, please contact the San Francisco Controller's Office City Performance Unit at 415-554-7463 or

I. Current Projects

II. Recently Completed Projects