Fiscal and Compliance Monitoring

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Nonprofit service providers that receive a threshold amount of City funding from more than one participating department are a part of the shared monitoring pool.

Benefits of the Program
  • Joint Monitoring: Nonprofits in the pool receive just one monitoring  annually, rather than a separate visit/meeting from each funding agency
  • Clear Standards: The Program has developed a monitoring tool used by all monitors, as well as trainings about the monitoring process to prepare nonprofits about the requirements.
  • Technical Assistance: City monitors can link nonprofits with technical assistance when needed.
Nonprofit Monitoring Pool
Each fiscal year, City departments develop the monitoring pool and determine whether nonprofit contractors in that pool should receive an expanded monitoring (formally known as a site visit) or a core monitoring (formally known as a self-assessment). Each nonprofit contractor must receive an expanded monitoring at least once every third fiscal year.

A 1-year waiver from citywide monitoring may be granted under special circumstances and as a result of exceptionally good fiscal and compliance performance by a nonprofit. Nonprofits qualifying for a waiver are nominated by departments and approved by the Steering Committee during the risk assessment process. In order to qualify for the waiver, the nonprofit must submit all invoices and external audits to the City on time, have no monitoring or audit findings in the last 2 fiscal years, and have received an expanded monitoring in the last two years.
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Monitoring Tools


Training Series for City Monitors - 2018


Annual Reports
The image below identifies the various steps of the annual monitoring process. View the Monitoring 101 document above for more detail about nonprofit fiscal and compliance monitoring in San Francisco.

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