City Services Auditor

The City Services Auditor Division (CSA) includes two units—the Audits unit is the City’s internal auditor, providing performance, financial, and compliance auditing and managing the City’s Whistleblower program. The City Performance unit is a technical assistance and consulting group, providing analysis, problem-solving, and practical support to city departments to improve their service delivery. CSA manages the City’s adherence to voter-approved mandates in the City’s Charter and codes that call for reporting on public service quality and quantity to the citizens and the City’s leadership and for auditing throughout the government. CSA has audit programs that test and report on the City’s payroll/personnel functions, cash disbursements, cash transactions, inventory, information technology and security, and contracting with a focus on capital projects. CSA also has performance programs that collect and report data on health, safety, human services, transportation, and all other areas of the City’s services. The division provides technical services, including business process analysis, program evaluation, and design and implementation support for new or changing public services. Also, CSA provides management and facilitation where citywide or multi-departmental and other stakeholder solutions and coordination are needed.

CSA produces a wide range of audit reports and performance reports relating to the City's revenue, spending, service delivery, and outcomes. Some are technical in nature, such as the cash position review and lease compliance audits and technical reports on the City’s data systems. Others provide a broader policy overview of municipal functions, such as reports on the quality of health and social service programming or audits of the City’s management of construction contracts. Links to these documents are found using the Report Search tool here: