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A November 2003 ballot measure created the City Services Auditor within the Controller's Office. Under the City Charter Appendix F, the City Services Auditor has broad authority for:

  • Reporting on the level and effectiveness of San Francisco's public services and comparing the City to other public agencies;
  • Conducting financial and performance audits of City departments, contractors, and functions;
  • Running a whistleblower complaints hotline and website and investigating reports of waste, fraud and abuse of City resources;
  • Ensuring the financial integrity and improving the overall performance and efficiency of City government.

With San Francisco's budget of over $5 billion a year, the citizens and elected leaders of the City need the objective and independent analysis provided by the City Services Auditor. Findings and recommendations from the audit and performance management programs help save tax dollars and improve public services. We welcome your comments or questions on any of our programs or reports:

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