Change Leaders Forum

Department Change Leader's Name
Airport Theresa Lee
Rafael Centeno
City Administrator / GSA Linda Yeung
City Planning Alicia John Baptiste
Controller Jim Smothers
Louis Voccia
Department of Public Health Liz Jacobi
Department of Technology Christine Martin
Fire Department Gary Massetani
Health Service System Catherine Dodd

Human Resources

John Kraus
Kerry Ko
Laura Dancer
Marie De Vera
Ted Yamasaki
Human Services Agency Robert Thomas
Juvenile Court Allison Magee
Municipal Transportation Agcy Alice Kwong
Police Alice Villagomez
Port John Woo (interim)
Public Library Donna Marion
SF Public Utilities Comm. Oli Sadler (interim)
Public Works Robert Carlson
Recreation and Park Kin Gee
Retirement Services Jay Huish

If your department is not listed, check out the Change Champions Forum.

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