CCSF ePayroll FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

CCSF ePayroll provides your pay information online securely and conveniently.

Thousands of CCSF employees have switched to ePayroll and gone paperless.


Below are answers to some common questions that CCSF employees ask about ePayroll:
1. Who can use ePayroll?
2. How do I use ePayroll?
3. What is the benefit of using ePayroll paperless paystub?
4. How secure is it to use ePayroll?
5. Is help available for ePayroll users?
6. What should I do if I have a question about the pay information I see on the ePayroll system?
7. How do I come up with an 8-16 digit numerical PIN to access ePayroll?
8. What do I do if I forget my ePayroll PIN?
9. Am I required to log in to ePayroll often?
10. Will I have to change my PIN?

Q: Who can use ePayroll?

A: As of August 2011, all CCSF employees can use ePayroll, whether you have direct deposit or are paid by check.

Q: How do I use ePayroll?

A: Go to where you can get all the information you need to get started. Refer to the "Quick Start User Guide" for easy, step-by-step directions on how to get started using ePayroll online.
You can also call 1-866-314-3729 to receive paystub information from an automated voice system. 

Q: What is the benefit of using ePayroll paperless paystub?

A: ePayroll is beneficial for employees because you’ll get more pay information, more conveniently and your paper paystub will stop once you get started using ePayroll.

More information: ePayroll provides you with your pay information the day before the paychecks are available. In addition, your earnings and deductions pay codes are clearly written out and they are all linked to explanatory help text.
More convenient: You can pick up your pay information at any time, either through the Internet or a toll-free telephone number. ePayroll’s online service allows you to securely access, view, and print your paystub information at your convenience. You can also dial a toll-free telephone number to hear your pay amounts on the phone or to send a copy of your paystub to a FAX machine.
More convenient: You’ll have access to your pay history since you started Direct Deposit (if you receive a check you’ll have pay history since August 2011), which means you won’t have to worry about filing and keeping your old paystubs—when you need pay records to provide proof of income for a bank loan, for example, just go to ePayroll and print or create a PDF of them as needed. ePayroll even lets you run reports on three years of your pay history to compare your current pay against previous weeks, months, or years.
Stop your paper paystubs: Not only is ePayroll a more informative and convenient service for employees, it makes economic and environmental sense for CCSF. Eliminating paper paystubs saves paper, printing and distribution costs. Significant environmental benefits accrue from paper saved and greenhouse gas emissions avoided. If you have direct deposit, your paper pay stub will be discontinued approximately two pay periods after you login to ePayroll.

Q: How secure is it to use ePayroll?

A: The ePayroll system uses state-of-the-industry security mechanisms to keep all employee pay information safe. Similar to online banking, ePayroll uses multiple security measures to protect both your identity and your online account.

- The ePayroll system is protected by a security firewall to prevent unauthorized access.

- All information sent by CCSF to the ePayroll system is strongly encrypted.

- ePayroll has you select six security questions and corresponding answers unique to you, and also to choose a personal security image to display when you log in. These measures make logging in to ePayroll secure. For example, you will be asked your security questions when you forget your PIN, or try to log in to ePayroll on a new computer. Your personal security image verifies that you are logging in to the real ePayroll website.

- Each time you log in to the ePayroll Service, a message appears on the Main Menu screen that states the date and time of the last successful logon to your data. This security measure reassures you that unauthorized users have not accessed your pay information since your last logon.

- When you log in to ePayroll, you enter a secure area, and you can tell by looking at the bottom of your Internet browser window. Depending on your Internet browser, you may see a solid key icon or a locked padlock at the bottom of the screen, indicating a secure session. You can also look at your browser’s address bar and see that the ePayroll web site address begins with https:// instead of the standard http://. The addition of the letter “s” indicates a secure connection.

Q: Is help available for ePayroll users?

A: Customer Service Representatives are available by phone to help you during normal business hours. Additionally, the ePayroll website includes Help links that can answer common questions. The "Quick Start User Guide" will instruct you on how to contact a Customer Service Representative and use the online Help.

Q: What should I do if I have a question about the pay information I see on the ePayroll system?

A: Contact your department Human Resources if you have any questions regarding your pay, withholdings, deductions, or other balances reflected in the ePayroll system. Your department Human Resources is also available to help you with other ePayroll questions.

Q: How do I come up with an 8-16 digit numerical PIN to access ePayroll?

A: It can be hard to create and remember a long string of numbers to use as your ePayroll PIN. Here are a couple of tips to try:

- Use a familiar telephone number, including the area code. This gives you a 10-digit PIN.

- Select a calendar year, such as 1983, and enter it twice for an 8-digit PIN.

Q: What do I do if I forget my ePayroll PIN?

A: The ePayroll system locks users out after you enter three (3) incorrect Employee ID numbers and/or PINs in a row. If you fail to log in twice because you’ve forgotten your ePayroll PIN, don’t make a third guess!

Instead, click on the “Forgot your PIN?” link below where you enter your PIN. Clicking on this “Forgot your PIN?” link will present you with one of the security questions that you selected during your first login to ePayroll. After you answer your personal security questions correctly, you’ll be prompted to select a new PIN and will then be able to view your pay information.

Q: Am I required to login to ePayroll often?

A: If you do not log in to the ePayroll system for 90 days, the next time you try to log in you will be asked to change your PIN and you may also be asked the security questions you selected when you first set up your account.

We encourage you to log in at least once a month to review your earnings, deductions and leave balances (Vacation, Sick, Floating Holiday, Furlough Floating Holiday).

Q: Will I have to change my PIN?

A: Yes. For security purposes, the ePayroll system requires that you change your PIN every 90 days. You will need three different passwords before you can reuse the first password. This is for your security.