Budget and Analysis Division

The Budget and Analysis Division (BAD) manages the technical development of the City’s annual budget, including forecasting tax revenues, costing and budgeting labor and benefit costs, and assisting the Mayor and Board of Supervisors with costing and budgeting of policy initiatives. The group manages the City’s adherence to voter-approved spending requirements and financial policies and produces a variety of reports, including quarterly budget status updates and various fee-related reports. Additionally, the division manages property tax apportionment, rate setting, and reporting to the state, places special assessments on property tax bills, and processes the Assessor’s changes to prior and current year property tax rolls.

The Controller's Office produces a wide range of documents relating to the City's budget, revenues and expenditures, and the fiscal condition of the City. Some are technical in nature, such as the Budget Instructions which departments follow in preparing their annual budgets. Others are intended to provide a broad policy overview of City functions, such as the Budget Schematics descriptions. 

Visit: https://sf.gov/topics/budget