Ben Rosenfield, Controller

Ben Rosenfield is in his 13th year serving as City Controller. He was initially appointed to a 10-year term in 2008 and re-appointed to a second term in 2018. 

Ben began his career with the City in 1997—fresh out of university—as an analyst in the Mayor's Budget Office and project leader in the Controller's Office. For the next four years, he was the Budget Director for Mayors Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom. Just before being appointed as Controller, Ben served as the Deputy City Administrator and was charged with the preparation of the City’s first 10-year capital plan and oversight of the implementation of the City’s 311 non-emergency customer service center.

Now, as the City's chief financial officer and auditor, Controller Rosenfield, with the support of his team, is responsible for governance and conduct of key aspects of the City's financial operations, including processing payroll for all City employees, managing the City's bonds and debt portfolio, and processing and monitoring the City's current $13.7 billion budget. His office is also responsible for providing policy and economic analyses, estimating the cost of ballot measures, administering the City’s Whistleblower Program, and directing performance and financial audits of City activities.

In his time as Controller, Ben has worked with policymakers on a number of initiatives. He has supported the development of voter-approved ballot measures to revise the City’s financial planning processes, shift the City to a two-year budget, and better manage retiree pension and healthcare costs. He supervised the development of complex financings required to expand the City's Moscone Convention Center, complete construction of the Transbay Transit Center, and restructure the Asian Art Museum’s strained debt portfolio. During his term, the Controller’s Office has updated the City’s legacy payroll and benefits systems, modernized the City’s financial and procurement systems, and implemented a new property tax system.

More recently, he and his office have been key to the City’s response to the public health emergency, including supporting the development of budgets during economically challenging times; managing the City’s emergency financial and cost recovery operations; and providing consulting and staffing to support emergency planning, housing, testing, and other emergency services.  And, together with the City Attorney’s office, he is leading a series of public integrity reviews and helping to reform inadequate policies and procedures that were exposed by the federal criminal charges against Mohammed Nuru.

Ben lives in the City with his wife Vivien and two young daughters, Sofia and Lilah.

Todd Rydstrom, Deputy Controller

Increasing governmental efficiency and solving public problems are two of the key factors that motivated Todd toward a career in the public sector.

Since December 2014, Todd has served as the Deputy Controller of the City & County, where his leadership duties include Information Technology, Administration, Audits, Human Resources, Payroll, Records Management and Disaster Preparedness. Prior to serving as Deputy Controller, Todd served as the Assistant General Manager & CFO of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, where he managed a $1B Operating Budget, $7B Ten Year Capital & Financial Plans, and lead a team of 300 Customer Service, Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Fleet Management, Records Management and Assurance & Internal Controls staff for over six years. Before that appointment, Todd also served as Director of Budget, Analysis & Accounting Reconciliation in the Controller’s Office, where he managed San Francisco’s then $6.1 billion Budget, Revenue, Property Tax, Accounting Reconciliation and Economic Analysis Office, for over six years.

Todd holds an appointment on the San Francisco Federal Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee, a $1B not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution with a mission to provide its members with higher earnings on deposits, lower interest rates on loans and fewer fees than banks.

Todd has over 25 years of experience in investment and government finance. His work experience includes private sector investment operations and business development with The Principal Financial Group, one of the largest Fortune 500 pension fund companies in the U.S., as well as other public sector finance and budgeting with Bay Area governments including the City of Emeryville and the City of Oakland.

Todd earned his Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, where he was awarded the Smolensky Prize for Outstanding Advanced Policy Analysis, UC’s top policy analysis award. He earned his undergraduate degree in Finance from Iowa State University and was awarded San Francisco’s Public Managerial Excellence Award for outstanding public service in 2006.