Accounting, Purchasing, EIS, and Grants Training


Training Materials

This section provides training materials and videos for FAMIS Accounting, FAMIS Purchasing, Executive Information System (EIS), and Grants.  Each training item is described below.  The “Type” column allows you to link to the handout or click on an instant video that can be viewed at your computer.

Introduction to Financial Systems Materials

# Topic Description Type
1 Introduction to Financial Systems – Online Class Session 1 Basics of government accounting including accounting equation, fund and budgetary accounts. This session is to help you better understand Session 2 – How is data organized and recorded. Video (6 minutes) Handout 
2 Introduction to Financial Systems – Online Class Session 2 Overview on how the City’s financial data are organized and recorded in the financial system. Introduced are various codes including Fund Structure, Organization Codes, Sub-object, Index Codes, General Ledger, Transaction Codes, etc. Video (17 minutes) Handout 
3 Introduction to Financial Systems – Online Class Session 3 High-level overview of the City’s financial systems including budget, financial, reporting and payroll systems. Video (8 minutes) Handout 
4 Introduction to Financial Systems - In-class training material Introduction and overview of the City’s financial classification structure (Fund, Organization, Sub-object, Index Code, Project Code, General Ledger, etc.) and high-level overview of the City’s financial systems. Handout

FAMIS Accounting Materials

  • FAMIS (Financial Accounting and Management Information System) is the City’s accounting system. 
  • The first three items listed below are training classes provided by the Controller’s Office for the FAMIS Accounting System.  Clicking on the “Handout” link takes you to the FAMIS Accounting System training class handouts to view online or print.
  • Other training videos on various FAMIS screens can be viewed at your computer by clicking on “Video” in the Type column.  They provide instructions on using specific screens in FAMIS.

General Accounting
Handouts and videos for FAMIS Accounting System.

# Topic Description Type
1 How to Navigate FAMIS How to log in, off, and navigate FAMIS mainframe Video (5 minutes) Handout 
2 How to Navigate FAMISWeb How to log in, off, and navigate FAMISWeb and export to Excel Video (5 minutes) Handout 
3 Famis Accounting System Overview Introduction and overview of the City’s accounting system and a review of useful financial inquiry screens. Handout
4 FAMIS Accounts Payable Provides information on accounts payable payment processing, entering adjusting and reclassification entries, and responding to vendor inquiries in FAMIS Accounting. Handout
5 FAMIS Cash Receipts Provides information about the process for recording revenues and receipt of cash along with the accounting impact of these transactions.  Handout
6 FAMIS Vendor Screens Review of vendor screens Video
7 Project drill-down Detail project transactions Video
8 Grant drill-down Detail grant transactions Video
9 Fund Summary drill-down Detail fund transactions Video
10 Appropriation Control drill-down Budget balances or NSF balances with detail information Video
11 Encumbrance by Organization Code Encumbrances by Organization department/division/section levels Video
12 Transactions by document reference Transaction details by document reference Video
13 Document Type Sort on Approval Screen Sort documents on Approval Screen Video
14 Operating Balances Inquiry of budget and actual funding sources & uses, encumbrances, and available balances. Handout Video

Handouts and videos for specific grant-related topics.


# Topic Description Type
1 Grant Accept & Expend (12 Minutes) Review of the grant “Accept & Expend” process including Board of Supervisors approval threshold, documents required and approval involved. Handout  Video 
2 Grant Budget Setup Review of required journal entries to add grant budget into FAMIS. This video is being updated. For the grant “Accept & Expend” threshold, please refer to the memo dated 6/28/12 Handout Video
3 Grant Code Reviews structure of a grant code. Handout Video
4 Index Code Reviews structure of an index code. Handout Video
5 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (8 Minutes) Overview for administering ARRA funds. Handout Video
6 Grant Accounting and Management Overview of Grant Accounting Handout

Year-End Training Workshop
Year-end accounting training videos and presentation from Annual Year-End Workshop



# Topic Description Type
1 Year-End Government Accounting Training – Online Class Session 1 Review of basic government accounting. Video (11 minutes)  Handout
2 Year-End Government Accounting Training – Online Class Session 2 Review of government accounting journal entries and financial statement preparation through exercises Video (13 minutes)  Handout 
3 Year-End Work Order Training Review of workorder budget and encumbrance setup, workorder billing, and year-end workorder analysis Handout
4 FY12-13 Year-End Training Workshop Presentation Year-End Training Workshop - Complete Power Point Presentation given on July 22, 2013 Handout
5 Year-End Training Handout #1 Selected General Ledger and Transaction Codes for Revenues, Receivables, Deferred Revenues, and Expenditures Handout
6 Year-End Training Handout #2 Deferred Revenue Analysis - Sample Department Pivot Table Handout
7 Year-End Training Handout #3 Deferred Revenue Analysis - Sample Department Abbreviated Detail Report Handout




FAMIS Purchasing Materials

FAMIS Purchasing System is used for almost all purchases of goods and services   The items below are training manuals on using various screens in the FAMIS Purchasing System.  They do not provide purchasing policies or guidelines.  You can refer to Chapter 21 of the San Francisco Administrative Code for procurement guidelines.

Training Manuals 
The training manuals provide an introduction to FAMIS Purchasing and screen descriptions  for various types of purchasing documents.

# Topic Description Type
1 Introduction Overview of FAMIS Purchasing Handout
2 Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) Document entered in FAMIS Purchasing for approval of future purchases from a vendor for a time and dollar limit. Handout
3 Direct Purchase Order (DPO) Purchase Order against BPO to encumber (commit) funds before orders are placed with a vendor.  Also used for professional services and purchases up to $10,000. Handout
4 Requisition Document used to request purchases of goods and services and to create a soft commitment of funds. Handout
5 Invoice Used to post invoices from the vendor. Handout
6 Voucher Used to process payments against invoices. Handout
7 Direct Voucher Vouchers for payments without encumbrance. Handout
8 Appendices   Handout



Executive Information System (EIS)

The Executive Information System is reporting software that all departments use for financial reports.


Flexible Reports

EIS Flexible Reports allow users to select fields and set filters before running a report, and they can save those selections as a “report view” so they don’t need to be re-entered for a report that is needed frequently.

Training Manuals

Below are the handouts for the classes being offered and the reference documents.

# Topic Description Type
1 Flexible Reports Overview - Operating Budget vs. Actual Introduction to reports and features available in EIS Flexible Reports, and a step by step manual on how to create ad-hoc reports using budget vs. actual examples. Handout
2 Flexible Reports – Labor & Labor Reject Introduction to EIS Labor Reports, and a step by step manual on how to answer some payroll related questions using Report 80.001 Labor and 80.002 Labor Rejects. Handout
3 Flexible Reports – Encumbrance & Voucher Introduction to EIS Encumbrance & Voucher Reports and Citywide Continuous Monitoring Reports, and a step by step manual on how to answer some purchasing and payment related questions using Report 70.10.001 Encumbrance and 70.20.001 Voucher. Handout

Reference Documents 
The following are report guides with information on report types, field selection, filters, drill-downs, output, and report views.


# Topic Description Type
0 April 11, 2014 Release Notes PowerPoint presentation of changes; focusses on Year End Estimate changes. Handout
0 April 11, 2014 Release Webinar of presentation using the above PowerPoint. Video
1 Flexible Reports Overview An overview of the system and brief description of each flexible report. Handout
2 Report View Procedures and Guidelines Creating and updating Report Views and related policies Handout
3 Create a Report View Animation (5 minutes) Video
4 10.001 Classification Structure Data classification structures such as fund, organization, object , general ledger, index code, etc. Handout
5 30.001 General & Subsidiary Ledger Ledgers that detail the City's assets, liabilities and fund balance. This is a balance sheet view of the financial data. Handout
6 35.001 Operating Budgeted and actual revenues and spending, i.e. the operating balances. This is an income statement view of the financial data. Handout
7 35.002 Operating Estimate Detail Detail of all estimates at the operating level by month. Includes breakdown of salary, benefit and overhead amounts between labor interface (LD) and other (non-LD) documents (at a summary level, not by document). Handout
8 40.001 Appropriation The appropriation control level (the level where spending is controlled by the system). Handout
9 60.001 Transaction Details Posted FAMIS accounting transactions. Handout
10 60.002 Unposted Transactions FAMIS accounting transactions either 1) rejected by FAMIS edits 2) entered but not yet submitted for approval or 3) on an approval path and not yet posted. Handout
11 70.10.001 Encumbrance Encumbrances at the document level (includes requisitions as well as purchase orders and other encumbrances). Handout
12 70.20.001 Voucher Vouchers at the document level. Handout
13 70.30.001 Other Documents Other documents such as travel advances and unidentified cash receipts at the document level. Handout
14 70.40.001 Blanket Purchase Order Header-level blanket purchase order documents as they appear on FAMIS Purchasing screen PCHL2342, including snapshot original and remaining document amounts, and first line commodity data. Handout
15 80.001 Labor and 80.002 Labor Rejects Budgeted and actual labor data down to the employee, job and pay code level including FTE, hours, salary & benefit amounts, etc. Handout
16 80.001 Labor and 80.002 Labor Rejects 11/27/12 Webinar Recording (1 hour) Video
17 80.003 Labor Estimate Detail Labor estimates for an estimate snapshot by pay period, employee, sub-object, and other classification elements. Handout
18 90.001 Commodity Commodity data at the document line level for requisitions, purchase orders, and vouchers. Report includes other purchasing-only information such as unit of measure, unit cost, and sales tax indicators. Handout


Government Accounting Training Materials

These training materials are from a 9/27/2007 Workshop on Government Accounting that was presented to accounting staff from various city departments.

Topic Description Type
Workshop Presentation 09/27/2007 Introduction to Government Accounting Handout
Exercise Solutions Solutions to exercises in presentation Handout
DBI Exercise Budget to Accounting to Reporting Cycle Handout
DBI Solution Solution to DBI Exercise Handout
FAMIS DBI Revenue Budget Example Sample budget entry for estimated revenue Handout
FAMIS DBI Expenditure Budget Example Sample budget entry for expenditure budget Handout
Supplemental Questions Questions on Government Accounting Handout
Supplemental Questions Solutions Solutions to Government Accounting Questions Handout




This section contains miscellaneous items that do not fit the above categories.

# Topic Description Type
1 How to Navigate FAMISWeb Instructions to access and use web version of FAMIS Handout
2 COWCAP Reviews the structure of the City's cost allocation plan Handout  Video