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As a result of the passage of Proposition B on the June 2008 ballot, a Retiree Health Care Trust Fund (RHCTF) was established under City & County of San Francisco Charter (Charter): Appendix A8.432. The Fund is to be used to pay for the City’s contribution to the health care premiums of its retirees and their survivors. The fund is built through a 2% of salary contribution from City and County of San Francisco employees hired after January 9, 2009 which is matched by a 1% contribution from the City. Beginning in July 2016, employees hired prior to January 9, 2009 will also contribute a share of their salary to the fund with an equal matching contribution from the City, starting at 0.25% of salary each (employee and City) in Fiscal Year 2015-16, and rising by 0.25% of salary each fiscal year until it reaches 1% of salary each in Fiscal Year 2018-19. No withdrawals from the Fund other than for reasonable administrative expenses are allowed prior to January 2020.

The Retiree Health Care Trust Fund is governed by a Retiree Health Care Trust Fund Board (Board), as described in the Charter Section 12.204. The Board consists of five trustees, one appointed by the City Controller, one appointed by the City Treasurer, one appointed by the Executive Director of the San Francisco Employees Retirement System, one elected from among the active employees of the City's Health Service System, and one elected from among the retired employees of the City’s Health Service System. Each elected trustee serves for a term of five years.

Committee meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the first month of the quarter: January, April, July, October.


Pauline A. Marx CCSF Treasurer Board President
Ed F. Walsh Jr. Elected-Retired Employee Member Board Vice President
Katharine Petrucione CCSF Controller Board Member
Clare Murphy Executive Director of the San Francisco Retirement System Board Member
David C. Salem Elected-Active Employee Member Board Member

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Telephone: (415) 554-7502

Address: Retiree Health Care Trust Fund Board

c/o Office of the Controller

City Hall, Room 316

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102-4694

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Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Meeting Materials

Notice of Change of Location - May 9, 2016 - New location: City Hall, Hearing Room 400

Previous Agendas and Meeting Minutes 

Previous Meeting Materials


The City and County of San Francisco’s Office of the Controller, on behalf of the Retiree Health Care Trust Fund Board ("Board"), seeks proposals from qualified consulting firms to provide investment consulting services to the Board and staff of the City and County of San Francisco Retiree Health Care Trust Fund. These services will enable the Board to select and manage an effective and comprehensive other postemployment benefits (“OPEB”) strategy.

RFP information can be found at

Deadline for Questions about the RFP: 11/30/12, 12:00 pm PT

Deadline for Proposals: 01/11/13, 12:00 pm PT




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