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Performance Measurement

The Citywide Performance Measurement Program provides performance data reports to the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, departments, and the public. Available reports include the Mayor's Proposed Budget (Budget Book), the Controller's Annual Performance Report, the Government Performance Barometer, and the Comprehensive Annual Year-End Financial Report. Past reports have included the Community Indicators Report.
Government Barometer: The Performance Measurement Program team developed a bimonthly Government Barometer that lists key performance measures, performance data, and trends for use by City departments and the public.

Citywide Performance Measures Data: The Citywide Performance Measurement Program provides performance data of all measures in the Performance Measurement System in a Microsoft Excel data file below.

Mayor's Proposed Budget (Budget Book): The Citywide Performance Measurement Program works with the Controller's Budget and Analysis Division, Mayor's Budget Office, and City departments to provide data for the annual Mayor's annual Proposed Budget. Departments report data twice annually into the Citywide Performance Measurement System and measures are selected by the Mayor's Office for publication in the proposed budget. The Budget Books from the last three fiscal years are available below or click the link above for all available reports.

Controller's Annual Year-End Performance Report: Starting in 2006, reports on all department performance measures were published on the Controller's website.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR): The Controller's Office reports comprehensive financial statements and notes on all city functions annually. The Statistical Section has an Operating Indicators by Function Report that lists performance measures.

Community Indicators Report: This report creates a picture of the well-being of San Francisco and the people who live, work, go to school in, or visit this city. (Note: This report was most recently published in 2005.)

Simplified Budget and Performance Report: In 2003, the Controller's Office created written overviews of seven prominent departments containing budget, operational, and performance information. These overviews were intended to serve as an informational resource for the Board of Supervisors, encourage performance-based budgeting, and pilot combined financial and performance reporting for public information.

Quarterly Benchmarking Reports: The Quarterly Benchmarking Reports benchmarks San Francisco service expenditures and performance levels relative to other cities.

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