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Each year, the City and County of San Francisco contracts with hundreds of nonprofit organizations to provide critical services throughout the City. These contracts represent about $500 million annually. The Citywide Nonprofit Monitoring and Capacity Building Program saves City taxpayers and nonprofits time and money by consolidating fiscal and compliance monitoring when a nonprofit receives funding from more than one City department. This approach is designed to decrease the administrative burden and eliminate duplication of effort for both nonprofit contractors and City departments. The Program has established a Corrective Action Policy, which may be implemented when nonprofits do not meet the fiscal and compliance standards required by the City. The program also provides training and technical assistance to both nonprofits and City departments on building the capacity of the contractors and the nonprofit network as a whole.

Email: with any questions about the Citywide Nonprofit Monitoring and Capacity Building Program.

**NEW** Understanding the New OMB Super-Circular:

Nonprofits that receive federal grant funding must comply with certain federal requirements, some of which have changed with the new Uniform Guidance. Get the info you need! On August 31, 2015, the Controller’s Office and the City’s audit partner, MGO, presented “Bridging the Gap,” a training session to help nonprofit subrecipients understand how the new OMB Super-Circular applies to them. Below are some resources from that training.

Nonprofit Displacement Mitigation Fund

If your nonprofit organization is facing a rent increase or displacement, it may be eligible for technical or financial assistance through the City and County of San Francisco’s Nonprofit Displacement Mitigation Fund. Nonprofits in the program have benefited from lease extensions and negotiations, short-term rental subsidies and tenant improvement funds, and are often among the first to hear about new below-market real estate opportunities:

Related, in response to the recommendations of the Nonprofit Displacement Working Group, the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development brought on a Nonprofit Business Development Manager, Lex Leifheit. Lex is working with the City and nonprofit partners to develop and promote new tools and resources to assist with nonprofit real estate challenges; support the development of best practices and other educational efforts to expand space sharing, co-working and co-location of SF-based nonprofits. Visit the new OEWD website,, for a growing list of resources or contact Lex at with specific questions related to maintaining or expanding services in San Francisco.

Resources for Nonprofits
The program has compiled documents, trainings, and guideline to help nonprofits comply with City monitoring requirements. Visit the Resources for Nonprofits page for more!

Each year, the Program produces an Annual Report to document the monitoring process and other activities of the Program. Visit the Program Overview page for more detail, and read the FY15-16 Annual Report.

2015 NONPROFIT TRAINING SERIES – Session Materials 
Building Better Budgets (pdf) 
Strategy Formation for Sustainability and Impact (pdf)
Engaging your Board in Governance and Fundraising (pdf)
Board Governance and Fundraising Workbook (pdf)

HOT TOPIC: Building Capacity in the Bayview

Bayview Nonprofits - Time to Get Connected!

Southeast Nonprofit Resource Fair Materials

Building on a previous neighborhood-based capacity building project in Visitacion Valley in FY12-13, the Controller’s Office and a multi-departmental Steering Committee launched the Bayview Nonprofit Capacity Building Project. We will provide training and technical assistance to neighborhood nonprofits to improve overall operations functions. By strengthening an organization's infrastructure in this way, the project strives to increase each nonprofit's capacity to serve vulnerable Bayview residents. The Bayview Nonprofit Capacity Building Project provides coaching, technical assistance, training and workshops to strengthen the operational and fiscal systems of nonprofits located in the Bayview neighborhood.

The project focuses primarily on nonprofit organizations that receive funding from the City and County of San Francisco. The amount and duration of assistance varies depending on the needs of participating organizations.

In partnership with CompassPoint, we will provide support on such critical topics as:
  • Financial Management and Reporting
  • Agency-wide Budgeting
  • Fiscal Policies and Procedures
  • Cost Allocation Procedures
  • Financial Statements
  • Tracking and Properly Recording Fiscal Transactions
  • Governance
  • Board Development;
  • Personnel Policies
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Project Objectives
  • Increase capacity of City-funded Bayview nonprofits
  • Address and strengthen areas of concern in fiscal and operational health
  • Provide an opportunity to participate in peer-to-peer learning